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Typically concerns measurement taken of the wellbore (the hole) inclination from vertical, and also magnetic direction from north. Using basic trigonometry, a three-dimensional plot of the path of the well can be produced.
Essentially, a MWD operator measures the trajectory of the hole as it is drilled (for example, data updates arrive and are processed every few seconds or faster). This information is then used to drill in a pre-planned direction into the formation which contains the oil, gas, water or condensate. MWD is normally run in conjunction with LWD.

STELOG’s MWD tools can also provide information about the conditions at the drill bit. This may
– Rotational speed of the drillstring
– Smoothness of that rotation
– Type and severity of any vibration downhole
– Downhole temperature
– Torque and weight on bit, measured near the drill bit
– Mud flow volume